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Maid Services

Cleaning and airing all year.
Maid service.
Supply of cleaning materials


Treatment and cleaning
Supplying of chemicals
Maintenance of equipment.
Repairs and construction


General maintenance: weeding, grass cutting, pruning.
Lawn treatment: fertilizer, pesticide.
Drive and cobbled areas sprayed against weeds.
Irrigation systems checked and defective or broken parts replaced.


House care and upkeep throughout the year.
Payment of the following: electricity, water, gas, telephone, swimming pool maintenance, insurance etc., help with tax returns by arrangement.
Assistance to clients.
24 hour contact.
Food packs provided when requested.
Information books for the use of clients are placed in the houses.
Provide assistance in the event of burglary, fire or other problems. In cases of emergency our office telephone, fax and e-mail may be used.
Our maintenance staff can carry out general, plumbing, painting, building and electrical repairs.
Maintenance of water filters, solar panels, immersion heaters and heat pumps.


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Care and cleaning of gardens
Care and cleaning of pools
Holidays in Albufeira
Holidays in Albufeira

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We are looking for more properties for rental and are happy to visit your property to give advice on what is required to get the maximum potential from your house.

We can give you an estimate of the value you will receive.
Give you a detailed inventory of all items needed for a rental property.
Our maintenance team is able to carry out any work needed on the property.
We can provide all the necessary safety items.
Our House Administration Department can take care of your house, garden and pool.
For houses on our Rental List or with a Management Contract we have cleaning and Laundry services available.
We will arrange for the Council Rental Licence if you do not already have this.
Advise on who you should contact and how to make you IRS tax returns in Portugal.

Quinta dos Álamos Grupo Santomero
Guia - Property Administration

Welcome to Quinta dos Álamos Propriedades Lda (Santomero Group)

Rua Liberdade 14
8200-434 GUIA ABF
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